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So what is aerial advertising, and how can it help me?

That is a question we get asked a lot, and our goal is to provide you with the right information to determine your needs. Putting a banner in the air is not only effective, but provides a great return on investment compared to other major forms of advertising.


Take a look below and see what styles of banners we offer, and then click on any banner for more information.


Choose from a wide variety of advertising platforms 

LOGO BANNER (Billboard)

Letter banners are the most basic platform we offer, and by far the favorite of small to medium businesses. Each letter is 5' tall and bright red in color, which makes a great contrast against any sky! We custom build every banner to meet your needs.

Letter banner, advertising, aerial, air

Billboards are a preferred platform when you want product or company branding. Each banner is printed on a vinyl fabric using a high quality printer. We custom design your banner with your logo or product advertisement to maximize brand identification.

Letter banner, advertising, aerial, air

Want the best of both worlds? Get a Letter/Logo combo banner! Place your corporate logo in front or behind of a customizable message. Each time you tow, you can change out the letters for a new message to suite the season!

Letter banner, advertising, aerial, air